About us

Founded in 2015 by Alexis Martin and justin Fisher, Martin Fisher photography has never settled for anything less than greatness. Martin Fisher will always strive to not only give you top of the line photos but also an impeccable experience. Alexis and Justin are no strangers as well. Practicing this trade throughout high school and years after has made an everlasting partnership with teamwork that cant be succumbed. With an ORIGINAL style and a creative editorial thought process, THEIR photos will not DISAPPOINT. Taking home multiple awards in the newport mesa film festival/newport arts festival authenticates their work ethic and mind state to be the best they can be.

Wedding Photography

Both alexis and justin fell in love with wedding photography at a young age. Starting the business at only 19 years of age these two both quickly adapted to the Wedding Photography Industry. What makes these two stand out from the rest you ask? Unlike many, Justin and alexis found and PERFECTED the art of Natural Light Wedding Photography. They treat each photo like a piece of THEIR own art. This is what makes them stand out. Their attention to DETAIL when it comes to your Wedding is UNmatched, based out of costa mesa, they specialize in all areas of orange county and los angeles.